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Post Graduate Diploma in Management
(2 Years Online Course)

Bimtech offers AICTE affiliated PGDM online 24 months program powerd by Upgrad.

  • The Program Envisages
    • To apply management theories and practices creatively to solve business problems.
    • To foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data and evidence-based decision-making.
    • Gain integrated knowledge on selected functions in the global environment.
    • Become competent professionals who’ll bridge the gap of the industry.
    • Have orientation towards achieving excellence and maintaining a high ethical standard.
  • The Program Level Goals
    Entire Curriculum is Mapped with PLG / PILO
    PLG PILO Course Criteria
    PLG 1 - Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills PILO 1.1 Student Should be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills by understanding the issues, evaluating alternatives based on multiple perspectives & presenting a solution including conclusions & implications. Data Analytics < 15% below expectation
    PLG 2 - Understand ethical business issues PILO 2.1 The ability to identify, evaluate and select alternative course of action for addressing the ethical dilemma Marketing Management < 15% below expectation
    PLG 3 - Develop an understanding of various theories and their application PILO 3.1 Knowledge and applications of theories within the primary areas of management

    PILO 3.2 Application of IT and analysis tools and techniques to decision making
    Human Resources

    Management Information Systems
    < 15% below expectation
    PLG 4 - Develop a global perspective in management PILO 4.1 Students should be able to identify challenges faced by the organization at the global level.

    PILO 4.2 Students should be able to take decision in the global business environment
    Global Business Environment

    Enterprise Risk Management
    < 15% below expectation
  • The Curriculum

    The institution adopts a specialized approach where the course development task is assigned to professionals internally or hired by external experts. A draft is evaluated by a committee of Advisory Members and Dean (Academic) (Online Education) which includes a team of experts to review the proposed course curriculum that meets the objectives of distance education. The first-year course is common to all cohorts.

    • Duration of the Programme: 2 Years for PGDM Online with dual specialization.
    • Eligibility: Any graduate with 50 % marks General/OBC and SC/ST Category 45% Marks.
    • PGDM: 18 core courses, 10 elective Courses (Choice of dual specialization), and a dissertation.

    This is a 2400 hrs+ of content through a mix of live sessions, recorded videos, graded assessments, projects, reading text material, transcriptions, self-study and exam preparations. Perfectly suited for working professionals and for freshers who feel a balanced self-paced learning is more important. Moreover, mostly 2 courses would be taught at any given point of time giving the student ease of learning and convenience of appearing the examinations after every 2 papers. The individual and group/team projects build up the rigour of the course.

    Online learning feature Weekly Hours Per Course Overall %
    Recorded Video 2.5 7.50 225 10%
    Invideo Questions 2.5 7.50 225 10%
    Graded Assessments 2.5 7.50 225 10%
    Projects 4.0 12.00 360 16%
    Lecture Notes/Platform Text 2.0 6.00 180 8%
    Live Session 3.0 9.00 270 12%
    Transcriptions 1.0 3.00 90 4%
    Self-Study + Exam Prep 8.0 24.00 720 31%
    Total 25.5 76.5 2,295 100%
    Dissertation     150  
    Grand Total 2,445

    In the 2nd year we have specialization of Retail, BIFS and IT being offered besides General Management. Details of the course are given below.

  • The Elective Courses

    The elective courses are in Retail, BIFS (Banking Insurance and Financial Services) and IT (Information Technology) each having 9 electives, 1 case study and 1 research paper and a dissertation in the 2nd year besides the 1st year which is a common course similar to PGDM (General Management)

    Trimester 4
    S.No Credits Courses Retail Courses BIFS Courses IT Hours
    1 2.5 Emerging Technologies in Management Investment  Management Emerging Technologies 75
    2 2.5 Digital Marketing Risk Management Software Product and Process Management 75
    3 2.5 B2 B Marketing Management of Banks Cloud Computing and Web 3.0 75
    4 2.5 Case Study Writing (Compulsory) Case Study Writing (Compulsory) Case Study Writing (Compulsory) 75
    5 2.5 Category Management and Merchandising AI and Block Chain In BFSI AI and Block Chain 75
      12.5       375
    Trimester 5
    S.No Credits Courses Retail Courses BIFS Courses IT Hours
    1 2.5 Retail Store Operation Emerging Technologies in BFSI Big Data Analytics 75
    2 2.5 Service Marketing and CRM ERM Business Process Management, and RPA 75
    3 2.5 Research Paper Writing (Compulsory) Research Paper Writing Cyber Security , Ethics and Privacy 75
    4 2.5 Marketing Analytics Finance Analytics IOT, Industry 4.0 and Robotics 75
      10       300
    Trimester 6
    S.No Credits Courses Retail Courses BIFS Courses IT Hours
    1 2.5 Mall Management Investment Management IT Governance and Risk Management 75
    2 2.5 Digital commerce Personal Financial Planning IT Consulting And Business Development 75
    3 5 Dissertation Dissertation Dissertation 150
      10       300
    Total 32.5       975