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Nine Timeless Nuggets

By Bharat Bambawale
Published by: Penguin Random House

Here’s an innovative treatise which would answer some of the eternal marketing questions penned by a veteran brand practitioner, Bharat Bambawale, such as Who are we talking to? Why do they buy? Where do brands come from? Where are brands going? How can marketers talk to people? How can they create strong customer connections? How can they build thriving customer relationships?

Times are achanging. And we are looking at different aspects of twenty-first century brand building. People are also seeking new models for customer motivation and customer relationship in the new century.

Nine Timeless Nuggets says that customer-brand relationship has four elements: Discovery, Companionship, Exclusivity and Belonging. Brand communication at each of these stages would be different. Discovery, for example, will take you into Online Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SE0 and SEM) along with may be a TV add, a few pay-per click adds and so on. Companionship will lead you to comparison sites, influencer recommendations, customer reviews etc. Exclusivity will guide you into emails, phone calls and complaint management. Belonging could lead to special offers and celebratory discounts.

If a brand takes a holistic view of the customer-brand relationship journey, great things will happen to it. Any slip up by taking a siloed view will result in a large number of not-so happy customers for the brand.

Marketing to a single customer identity is a thing of the past. Multiple needs of people will coexist. This is the new Indian customer. This is the marketing territory of the future. If you are navigating this terrain for brand and business success, you need a new marketing blueprint, which this volume provides.

Nine Timeless Nuggets gives you the latest prospective on all aspects of branding as well as enduring marketing ideas.