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Skill It, Kill It: Up Your Game


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Skill It, Kill It: Up Your Game

By Ronnie Screwvala
Published by: Penguin Random House

Skill It, Kill It, as the name suggest, is a book that notifies us on how to use our skills to advance a career and do well in life. Screwvala mainly talks about soft skills that are needed to make our career. Once you learn and perfect these abilities, they can catapult your career.

Screwvala explores that people spend decades being best in launching a new business or scaling an existing business but forget to update their soft skills. Soft skills are the difference between the person who just gets a degree versus the person who gets the job (or promotion).

The most important skill he talks about is “Communication”. Communication is everything, both verbal and written communication. Being human, we cannot avoid communication. Not everyone is good at communicating thoughts but choosing not to work upon this is not an option in today’s work life. He advises how one should communicate in a group, no matter what the group size is. He mainly focused on three main criteria, “Structure Your Thoughts”, “Know Your Audience” and “Avoid over-speaking”.

Another important issue he talks about is work-life balance. Here you have to ask yourself that doing work excites you . One should not work for hours until and unless the person is really enjoying. In this fast-moving world, every individual has to regularly update skills and adapt to the changes to become successful. Hence, learning is a constant process.

This is a very interesting and worth reading book. Real-life incidents shared by Ronnie Screwvala from his failures and success help you in evolving and standing out from the crowd.